Welcome to the First Baptist Church of Manistique Michigan,
located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Manistique’s FIRST House of Worship!
Member of American Baptist Churches USA
and ABC Michigan

Nathaniel Erickson, PhD, Pastor

Worship Services:
  9:30 AM – Sunday School for all ages.***
10:30 AM – Sunday Morning Worship – Livestream Here
6:00 PM – Evening Service

*Nursery available*
***During the summer, we have dedicated Sunday School for infants through Kindergarten aged children, and two “grown-up” classes where families are welcome.

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Mission Statement 
The people of the First Baptist Church, having received the mercy of God, being nurtured in the fellowship of believers, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, work to radiate the light of Christ to others for the glory of God.

Church News

Antichrist: the words behind the name

In certain circles, the nature and identity of the Antichrist exercises immense amount of interest, excitement, and speculation. I’m not writing here to talk about end times speculation around this enigmatic figure. Rather, I want to take a step back and consider the Greek word of relevance: ἀντίχριστος (antichristos). What does this word mean? More …