Children and Youth

Pioneer Club – first and third Wednesdays, 6-7:30 PM, October-April. ***

Middle School Youth Group – after church on select Sundays. See below for details.

Senior High Youth Group – 6 PM on select Sundays. Contact the church office for details.

Sunday School for all ages – 9:30 AM

***Please note that if school is cancelled, or closed early, due to weather on a specific day, Pioneer Club and Youth Group are also cancelled.


Middle School Youth Group

First Baptist Church Middle School Youth Group (5th-8th grades) is meeting on the first and third Sundays of the month right after church through the month of April. (Currently lunch is being provided.)This year we are studying “The 13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Teenagers”.  The lessons, listed below, are interesting and good for all of us:

  • Who is Jesus? 
    • Help teenagers see Jesus as the central focus of their lives.
  • Who is God? 
    • Help young people get in touch with the heart of God.
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?  
    • Guide students to recognize the Holy Spirit’s power and work in their lives.
  • What is the Bible?  
    • Explore how the Bible can impact teenager’s everyday lives.
  • In the Beginning.  
    • Dive into what the Bible says about creation
  • The Human Journey:  
    • Learn what the Bible says about human nature
  • Why Does Life Hurt?  
    • Help students understand why sin, evil, and suffering exist in the world.
  • Family of Faith.  
    • Explore the importance of a growing relationship with Jesus.
  • Why the Church?  
    • Show teenagers how they can be vital members of God’s church.
  • Prayer Power!  
    • Help young people grow in their understanding and practice of prayer.
  • Sharing Jesus.  
    • Help students effectively influence others toward a relationship with Jesus.
  • Faith in Action. 
    • Encourage teenagers to live out their faith practically through serving others.
  • Eternity with Jesus.  
    • Discover what the Bible says about future events and eternity.